Monday, April 27, 2009

Introducing Documentaries

What they need to do to make this documentary is people that could help and act to understand the story explain problems that many people think is is nothing that matter but could become a big problem. Some element that I noticed that were used in this documentary is the emotional music and the colors that where use they film different places and there where good acting kind of. My favorite part is when the boy shut him self because it was so emotional it was the most important thing and is was good how the story was in black and white and then when he shut him self it was in color and that explain that when he shut him self peace came to his life.If I could make this story all over i will get the actors to put a Lil more of emotion in the story.Well this response to documentaries different than other I response to a book or newspaper because in this move it explain things like it could really happen and in a book or a newspaper they exaggerate in most story and make thing different and tell it in a different way.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well I could connect this with slavery time because most of the people will get in hiding from the white man in another person house so they could get to a place of freedom but the people that hide them could get in allot of trouble. And Anne and her family are hiding expecting for the war to finish so the could come out of there hiding , live free and not going to a camping convention like the people that are hiding Anne Frank could get kill.
One main thing that Anne frank did and I will do is write in my diary because there was so much drama in the attic that she could not scream out what she feels.Most of all because if they make allot of noise the people that live up there could hire them and snitch on them.One of the main thing that I will write on my diary, is because is like talking to a friend that you wont see in a long time or will never see like Anne.
One of the funniest thing is when Peter drop the been and they all fell down in Anne frank and it look like a island in the middle of the sea of beans.
Well I think this book is a very interesting and there allot of drama with Anne and her mom this book is good and makes you feel like you there with her with all that problems but yes I will recommend this book .

Thursday, March 26, 2009

my story

.Dark stormy day last night no time left to go to sleep my hair is like a nest all up and no time to put it down. Every one keeps on making fun of me and looking at me with some eyes that makes me feel like if this is not going that well and something real bad is going to happen.
oh great!! Gym next need to sweat, playing all day but every one keep on hitting me in the head with the balls I feel like pop-ping one boy or girl that get in my way. I keep on walking.

My friend comes and ask me ''what happen?"
I say "nothing this day is not my day"
"WHY?"she ask
"and more because of what happen that night?"i said it with a sad sound in her voice.

In that night of November 12 was a fun day the party was so hot and a lot of boy where trying to dance with me. But I only pick the cute ones. But there was this boy that kept on looking at me like if I was the last Coca-Cola in the Store I didn't like that and that kept on scaring me. When the party was getting good I just dissuaded to leave because I didn't like the way the boy kept on looking at me.But then in the way home I hoard something in back of me. I kept on walking more fast and herd the step going more faster than mines.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Well i think that theres going to be some problems because there 7 people in that small room and they all ways there so they could stress out and that is how problems start. Well i could connect with this story because if i was her i wold hide from the bad people so i wont die.Well i like all the people for now but the one that Anna frank is family don't like is Mr.Goudsmit.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Anne frank

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Alice Walker started with poems in 1952 to 2005. She bin though the Civil right Movement, the Independence Day, and Vietnam War in her life. Alice Walker she express her self in different kind of ways. When I start to read her story poem is like if i was in a world that had different means.I think she is very good in poem because she bin though to many thing in life. she write her poem very short but she express her self very well and

Thursday, February 26, 2009


The theme of this sonnet is to not for get the people you love.The clues gave away the theme was that the repeat REMEMBER me when..This message connect to my own life because they I will like for people to not for get me and have me in there heart. I could connect to my poem because it talk about a boy I like and that I can't for get him and get him of my mind.